10th Anniversary Cheers
for the N.K.H.S.

Still going strong after ten years.

While we cherish the good times we've had with our newest members, as well as those with long-standing members, we also look forward to even-newer friends and even-grander adventures in the years to come. Won't you join us?

herb society logo
The Northern Kentucky Herb Society is a small, friendly group of gardeners, crafters, and cooks who appreciate herbs and try to make the best use of them. We're particularly good at teaching and learning from one another. So, if you have, or need, gardening advice, recipes for using herbs, or herbal craft ideas, you'll fit right in. We'd be delighted to have you come and share with us.

Our most special activity this year was planting a demonstration herb garden outside the Boone County Extension Services offices. It has chives, dill, sage, lavender, mints and many other herbs. There's also a fairy village among the basils to add a bit of whimsical, kid-friendly appeal. And, we turned to local stone-cutting artist Dave Davies to create a special "resident" for the garden.

herb garden dragonfly

Rosemary Sue, a multi-piece stone dragonfly with a three-foot wing span, rests among the creeping thyme and other herbs. Stop by to say hello to "Rosie" and see the variety and beauty of herbs suitable for growing in this area.

spoons as garden labels     oregano spoon label

These colorful kitchen spoon markers were painted and added to the garden by children participating in the Extension Services' 2014 Summer Horticultural Camp.

Dates, times, and topics of upcoming meetings and activities are posted on our calendar page as they're developed. It also contains notes from previous meetings and links to helpful resources.

Last updated:
28 Aug. 2014